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Project your spaces with me


The full project of one or more rooms

This service is for you if you want to understand the potential of your spaces and see how to make the most of them (preliminary project). I will produce the following technical tables: state of fact and meta-project, comparative table and furnishing table, lighting project; if you want to furnish or renovate one or more rooms, even making small structural changes or simply changing the arrangement of the furnishings and/or the furnishings themselves but you don't have a clear idea of ​​which style/color palette/mood to take inspiration from. I can look for the materials, furnishings and lighting points for you. Photorealistic 3D renderings on request.

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Materials or fornitures moodboard

Once the project has been created, I move to the moodboard laboratory, a virtual and real space where I translate the mood, concept and style of the project, shaped and discussed with the client, into a moodboard of materials. All this from a sensory design perspective. For each room of the project, I can then build the mood board of materials, furnishings and colors which defines the personality of each room.



​I'll take you to discover the colors of your unconscious

Our brain is used to and designed to see in color and excessive use of white saps our energy. Even when we go to choose how to furnish our living spaces, we inevitably ask ourselves which colors to use. You probably already know which colors you prefer. But do you also know the exact color shades? I help you discover, with the RAH color test and armochromy, which color shades are in harmony with your unconscious and how to insert them into the spaces you live in so that they speak about you and make you feel good. Cost €75 (couple test €135).

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The color palette of your home

Do you want to personalize your living or working spaces with colour? Do you want to change the look of your home by just changing the colors? Do you want to see your emotional colors used in your rooms? Do you want to enhance a particular corner? Do you want to insert wallpaper? As an interior designer and RAH color consultant I can help you. Cost €49 per room (3D rendering requests are calculated separately).

Interior design


Your home/offoce spaces like a brand

If you want your home or office to be inspired by a well-known brand, I will ensure that the living space represents the brand you adore and its personality.

our interiors will talk about that brand and those who know it will recognize it.

If you have your own brand, I will bring it to your home/office.


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Mini-ebook Shapes

The meanings of geometric shapes in furnishings

7 €

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I will send you ebook pdf

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Mini-ebook Color

Why we should use more color in home decor

16 €

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Ebook Olfactory identity of the house

Olfactory identity with essential oils

14 €

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Ebook Japandi style

Minimalist and maximalist Japandi style and olfactory identity

14 €

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