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"You can't criticize geometry. It's never wrong. " Paul Rand

I am an interior designer and 3D renderer ready to enhance or transform the spaces you inhabit.

I use a method, research into materials and creativity.

Since I believe that beauty is what is consistent with internal necessity (kalos kai agathos in Greek), after attended the interior designer course in Verona, I chose to become a RAH color consultant to help people identify their own color shades happy. As an interior designer and RAH color consultant I want to make your home a place of well-being, a place of storytelling, of emotional colours, furnishings and materials chosen considering sensory design, your home philosophy and respecting your budget.

How I develop the interior design project

After an initial interview to get to know the client and his needs, I study the floor plan, the spaces, the light, the routes. I then create TECHNICAL BOARDS (furniture project and lighting project) and, for the choice of the furnishing style, I can create a CONCEPT BOARD which gives an idea of ​​the philosophy of the project. The COLOR PALETTE table and the MOODBOARD tables of the materials and furnishings of each room give life to what was the initial concept. Finally, if you want to see what the final result would be, I create photorealistic 3D RENDERS. ​

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